Modern poets

Cover the most outstanding authors of our 21st century

Modern American poetry

As I am certain have observed the cautious reader listener viewer, we've got no more no novels, zero pictures, zero plays, zero live shows, zero exhibitions. These unnecessary words put from the dictionaries indicated as obsolete as they're typical substituted with just one worldwide sentence. And, obviously, perhaps not merely people, also as stated by this vibrant Canadian Robert Lepage in the new cinema festival, also showcasing to the phase of this artwork theater them.

The poetry of our century

The word "poetry" in Greek refers to the creation. And often we use this term to denote beauty, elegance and sonority of words spoken or written. Then it sounds like a metaphor, and can be said even about the prose. There is also the term "verse", and sometimes to avoid confusion in the scientific literature are used. But he is also not able to give the desired accurate explanation of this way of organizing the speech, because as you know, the "verse" is more commonly called a separate line of the poem.

Trends of modern poetry

The concept of modernity in the world of literature is very relative. Considered a modern poet or novelist that the reader can separate to forty years. Considering the pace of today's life, the rapidly changing economic and political realities, the term is huge.

Rap is a shadow of modern poetry

"Poets heels walking on a knife blade and cut the blood his bare soul," once said the first who joined the March rhythm and style poetics of the street, in other words, the first rapper. However, another pioneer, who also walked under recitative: "he Who walks amicably abreast"? And that, too, lured, and mobilized, and built. And probably this was the first placental bits of rap. Hey, tell me, true rap is poetry? Don't know, honey, because the question of what poetry is, not yet determined. Well, fluently, well, fun, well, catchy, and even poetry or not. Let's think.