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Genres of poetry Part 1

One of the main mistakes was relegated to authors maintain (add) genres. What you can find on the website, and most importantly it is difficult to make prose or poetry.

More recently self-typing of genres on the site is prohibited. And in this article we attempt a small review of literary sites, and encyclopedias devoted to poetry.

Poetry from the Greek, means creation, creation.

In the narrow sense, poetry, understand the poetic, rhythmically organized speech. In this sense, the counter poetry prose.

What is Epic? Part 1

Epos phrase, storyline, narrative storyline some sort of fiction that's allocated together side all the lyrics and also play. The attention of this epic narrative that the lifetime of person, his interaction with the others, incidents at which he engaged.

What is Epic? Part 2

Even though prospect of an epic exhibit aren't utilized in most of performs, together with all the phrase "Epic" correlated with the thought of displaying lifestyle completely, denial of this gist of an age and also the size of the ingenious action. The reach of epic genres isn't confined by some kinds of adventures. At the essence of epic universal wide utilization of cognitive-visual chances of art and literature generally.

Poem as a poetic genre

Poem is a special genre. Good epic poetic work owned by a certain creator, many special sort. May possibly be epic, intimate, significant, satirical, etc.

This movie is really a job of storyline or lyrical articles, prepared in poetry. Additionally a poem identified as the roles generated on the grounds of folk stories, legends, mythical tales. The classical sort of the poem is thought mythical. In Greek mythology, the terminology of this poem is currently production.