The great writers

The most remarkable works from famous poets

Miguel de Cervantes Cortinas (1547-1616)

Even the A recent of Shakespeare, Spaniard, Miguel Cervantes, actually perishing till the Bard, is not doubt some of the important author on this publication and, actually, most likely maybe one among the many absolute most important from historical past of literature's annals. His publication has been written within the begin of the form's evolution however hasn't been surpassed at its personal qualities in addition to in its personal sway, by books. It's simply actually really a bible for die-hard writers because it displays each single article of the qualities.

The French poet François Villon

Francois Villon French poet of the late middle Ages, the personality is bright, ambiguous, whose poems left a deep impression in the minds of contemporaries and descendants.

Despite the fame and importance to the world of poetry the works of Villon, his life's little known, and the details of the biographies vary from source to source. The fate of Francois Villon closely connected with Paris, near which the poet was born. According to various reports it happened in April 1431 or 1432.

Petrarch Part 2

Italian sonnets, ballads, madrigals, Francesco has had an impact not only on poetry but also on music. Composers XIV (during the Renaissance) and then the nineteenth centuries put these verses as the basis of their musical works. For example, Franz Liszt wrote "Petrarch Sonnets" for piano under a deep impression of the poet's poems dedicated to Laura.

Petrarch Part 1

Italian poet of the XIV century, the founder of early humanism. Considering mentor writer-monk Barlaam of Calabria, he played a major role in the Italian proto-Renaissance through and became a cult poet of the middle Ages.

Omar Khayyam: biography Part 3

Omar Khayyam is a well-known hedonist. Contrary to the religious concept of the renunciation of earthly goods for heavenly grace, the philosopher was convinced that the meaning of life the consumption and enjoyment. He angered the public, but has fascinated rulers and the upper classes of society. By the way, this idea of Khayyam loved.

Omar Khayyam: biography Part 2

The authorship of Khayyam it is therefore often questioned, but proved that he was exactly himself had written over 300 works in verse form.

Currently, the name Khayyam is connected first of all with the quatrains, filled with deep meaning, which is called. These poems stand out markedly from the rest of the creative period, when he lived and wrote Omar.

Omar Khayyam: biography Part 1

Omar Khayyam, the legendary scholar and philosopher, famous for its incredible productive activities in such fields as history, mathematics, astronomy, literature and even cooking. It has become an iconic figure in the history of Iran and all the East. Among the General persecution (the analog of the Inquisition), harassment for any free thinking lived and worked in such a great person, a free spirit who inspires descendants hundreds of years later.