New genres


The art of poetry, familiar to mankind since before biblical times, is constantly evolving. The purpose of poetry as fully as possible to highlight the state of the human soul, not departing from the strict forms of the poetic genre. However, many poets are looking for new poetic forms, which could unexpectedly reveal their poetic gift, and the language itself.

Classic poetic forms, such as sonnets, often determined by how (alternating masculine and feminine rhymes) and their arrangement after string, from string to string, etc. New poetic forms not based only on the rhyme, they become more "conceptual", that is, their formality gives way to substantial completeness.

Take, for example, a new verse form, which was put into poetic. "The clouds are floating above the ground. Not belong to her, not depend on it. But suddenly rain down on the earth with rain and massive lightning. High-rise residents the eagle majestically soars in the sky. He does not know himself equal. But all of a sudden breaks down, the production in the field of vision everything that is done on earth. This is poetry, this is art, philosophy: needs to soar high and engage the "high" things, but at the same time, must connect with the earth rain, lightning, the rapacity of the eagle."

As noted by the critics and the poet himself, these poetic passages (a word coined by the author) are not only aesthetic but also epistemological units, revealing the gaze of the poet to the knowledge of the world. Now the Creator is not just someone who can Express their intimate feeling of peace, but also to give the reader a way of understanding by which he can come to creative insight.

Sometimes a new poetic form emerges from a rethinking of what already was once. This form, for example. In the form of versed was written, probably the first poems of humanity the biblical verse. Modern is a variation of blank verse, when in one line to fit a whole paragraph of meaning. Take, for example, a poet who wrote in the 20ies of the last century.

In a more modern way find yourself in the poetry of the same. On the trees signs. They are written, how much each 3 years, as it is called, what its thickness or height.

People pass by trees without noticing them they read labels. Enable today's poets speak the language of parables, referring to very ancient chords of our soul. The author of several new forms of poetry, such as dashes and quantity.

Dashes is a short (4-6 lines) but succinct poetic form, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese haiku, but without the strict rules of drawing. Quantity different assumptions, when the reader will have to think for the author of his images and to build up a picture of what is happening.