Poetry: the basics of algorithmic interpretation Part 3


However, as discussed above, the meaning of each To can be somewhat expanded interpretation of the actual values of the variables that are not included in K. Moreover, in the event sufficient acceptable display AMKL in the form of generalized Fourier series, such additional meaning can be obtained through the interpretation of those areas of the regression model that lie outside the observed values of the variables that were included in AMKL (observed as if the implementation of the analytic continuation of the model). It is this kind of effect may occur under the influence of some verses, the rhythm which, as it rocks and takes the appropriate "its" emotional images from the conscious and subconscious of the reader. Are imaginary world.

6. "Antithesis and identification"

Antithesis computation of the output through comparison of items (variable values) of a given target string with the entire neighborhood non-target strings containing the same elements, but with possible different values (see algorithm AMKL). The identification construction of dead-end disjunctive form AMKL in the interval, insights For are a conjunction of open intervals of values of the variables included in these because All these values are identified, forming equivalence classes (predicates) for the values of these variables.

Correspond to conclusions-implications K. Paradigmatic relations correspond to the final dead end disjunctive form AMKL. The levels of mismatches (in the repetitions of lines of verses) correspond to the change in unrealized context as the perception of poetry, for example, there is a change in the emotional state of the reader (in the text it is not!) Note that the text usually does not contain special variables that directly indicated the change in the psychological state of the reader when these repetitions. The rhythm in the verse is similar social element same as above, but in the line of the verse, i.e. at smaller intervals.

The feeling of waiting for perceiving rhythms and experiencing the pleasure of hearing her. Suppose that we have the possibility of successive refinements of the model in the form of a Fourier series for each subsequent complex wave period, showing a line of verse rhyme. In these calculations each time you will notice an increase in the number of degrees of freedom of the model the more accurate model in the subjective sense, is implemented as a feeling of beauty, as the feeling of pleasure of a subject when new information is consistent with the previous one, which is how some benchmark was previously laid out in his mind.

This phenomenon is very similar to the process of strengthening the dominant, it plays a significant role in the function of the subconscious. It is also possible interpretation of this phenomenon as a "rocking" of the subconscious, gradual approximation to the "resonance" with genetics, physiologically determined and forming the dominant "prototype of beauty".

Rhyming poems together in pairs, forcing you to think of them as two ways to say the same thing in these repetitions is the process of increasing the estimates of G corresponding To (see above realization of a sense of beauty and enjoyment when discussing the role of wave processes).

The lexical meaning of the words inside the verse induces in the neighboring words in findings To ("semantic whole") includes only those words from the verses, which are necessary and sufficient for consistency of these conclusions after the process of Association with those verses (lines) that correspond to a different Z value (the above cited example is the poems have a different rhyme). The verse as a unity the values this input variable sets the verses if they are To, it means the need for semantic interpretation dedicated To that includes this verse as a unified education (compared to all others).

The algorithm for constructing algebraic models of constructive (intuitionistic) logic (EMCL), reflecting creative consciousness, can be completed with calculation diagrams or charts that are easy to interpret wave processes in the study of the texts of the poems.