The poetry of our century


The word "poetry" in Greek refers to the creation. And often we use this term to denote beauty, elegance and sonority of words spoken or written. Then it sounds like a metaphor, and can be said even about the prose. There is also the term "verse", and sometimes to avoid confusion in the scientific literature are used. But he is also not able to give the desired accurate explanation of this way of organizing the speech, because as you know, the "verse" is more commonly called a separate line of the poem. But if to speak generally while relying on the statement of Theodore de Banville may thus be able to convey the essence of the poetry is something perfect and great, created, and needs no alteration.

The Golden age in poetry is more commonly called the "sometimes", and the works. The poetry of this time is very original, in contrast to what previously preceding ages more borrowed. The period of this art in coincides with the era of the birth of romantic poetry in Western Europe.

But the direction he gives is not romanticism. Poetry of the Golden age had a more formal, Yes it is selective and almost without any flaw, but very classic. Poets inspired by emotions, sensations and feelings. Poetry is almost breathe, but this breath can easily be compared with a gasp of girls, which is very easy to draw in your imagination even today. Few poets beyond the edge of classical sensitivity. Have no conversation with nature, but a lot of attention paid to the themes. Poets glorified the cult of friendship, develop the subjects of fun and feast.

The beginning of the Golden age can be called 1808, after all, one of the first Mature works are very well seen individual intonation, so peculiar to poetry, which became "higher". In the early 20ies markedly Byron's influence, became popular as a form of expression as poetic narrative. Trying to annoy the conservatives did not fold their hands chanting for fashionable romanticism. Gaining popularization of French romanticism, published novels and poetry goes by the wayside.

New heyday in the literature already associated with the Silver age is the beginning of the 20th century. His talent as a writer all the more willing to show a huge number of poets. The name of the period imposed, starting from the analogy with the Golden age.

Representatives of the Silver supporters of a completely new aesthetics that much different from the old ideology. In consequence there is a set of flows, according to the criteria of belonging to which perfectly divides all the works of the century. Brand new views on art in General are reflected in the literature. The symbolism resulting from the crisis, asks profound philosophical questions of all humanity through the poetry. In France the most famous representatives of this trend.

Material preached the accuracy of the image, the materiality, the excellence of the word their main position was "art for art's sake".

In the early 1990s shows clearly the primacy of the creativity of materialists (from the word metaphor), and conceptualists. Pressing issues is a lack of freedom or restriction, the inability to Express thoughts, authentic true is true, which at this time is constantly veiled by the inevitability of hypocrisy. These principles develop first. Utterance second is akin to a complete confrontation of the unity. In a series of conceptual special place was occupied by Nikolay Bytes skillfully does not cross the edge, but teetering on the brink due to the special relationship by the way, the interest in most tissues of the poetic speech.

In modern times we rise a variety of social themes, the visible subcultural influence, psychological and personal problems of the person, even having sexual. People are freer, as well as creativity, it is freed from the conventions and is always open to the new.