Theories of the origin

History of how the poetry was developing until our days

The Nature of Poetry

There Is Definitely Not a department in Aristotle of the function of poetry, offering and instructing enjoyable. The two actually are included. The testimonials into delight Originating from art work Contained in the Poetics embody one or another of these minds:

Even the Inessential pleasure of image (inserting, special-effects, attire, machines, and many others.), that must be utilised to fortify the dramatic results of storyline.

Poetry and Education

Aristotle sees poetry as a device that features emerged out of two totally different causes, every mendacity into man's essence. The preliminary could also be that the urge of faux, and likewise the second is at all times that your urge of each rhythm and stability.

The origin of skald's poetry Part 5

On the contrary, the dialectics of the development of literature, Edda songs, i.e. "boundary folk", is closer to the modern mind than the poetry of skalds, i.e. "boundary literature". In the Edda poetry, as in epic poetry in General, there were no conditions for the relative autonomy of the forms and for the awareness of formal parameters. As mentioned before, in Edda songs form hardly as such. These songs were of interest because of their content, because of the universal significance in a tragic collision. However, these conflicts had a reputation more for the story than for the art.

The origin of skald's poetry Part 6

Literary historians generally have concluded that the ancient Irish far inferior in the art of old Irish traditional media and that it generally in any way does not meet modern. Naively believing in criteria, some historians of Irish literature even argue, of this kind (i.e. the oldest personal poetry) never to be poetry, and not valued as such. But this is clearly they themselves have numerous facts. Many authors such poetry was used in ancient Ireland, a huge, author of topographical and other factual poems, high esteem that after his death reigned then king rulers of Ireland.

The origin of skald's poetry Part 8

Eastern Icelandic Parallels installed repeatedly. However, such Parallels always concerned only separate motifs or Edda poetry or sagas, and never extended to the poetry of skalds. Meanwhile, apparently, the more stable literature of the East retained the old forms than Western literature. Therefore, at a higher stage of social Eastern poetry of the middle ages is easier to detect similarities with than in medieval poetry of the West. So, the similarity with the poetry small domain to detect, for example, in the poetry of Iran X-XIV centuries.

The origin of skald's poetry Part 7

All these barbaric manifestations of hypertrophy forms were natural authorship, it is inevitable that an archaic personal poetry.

According to the assumption, similarities cultures old Irish old Norse effect relations prevailing in the Viking age between Scandinavia Ireland. However, a much more plausible seems to be the opposite: ties between Scandinavians and Irish in the Viking age (the difference in language) a consequence of the significant similarities between this era cultures.

The origin of skald's poetry Part 3

The consequences that this awareness entails are so large that the compositions lying on the opposite side of the border that separates folklore literature, refer to two fundamentally different areas are objects of two different Sciences. However, in genetic terms, is one of the most dark areas of the total available to the literary critic. This boundary, like the boundary in the sense that this notion in the early middle ages, when the word "frontier" meant dramatizes or a desolate wilderness, dividing the inhabited land.

The origin of skald's poetry Part 2

But a more important objection to the theory of Mubenga is that, although his work called "the Origin of the old Norse", in reality it is not explained how poetry, but only an attempt of the geographical skalds, though the attempt is unconvincing. So, for example, ancient skalds and Eastern (Middle Sweden). And mash, and his father in Earp were associated with the East-Scandinavian kings. That in verses Braga meet and that his father's name Boddi.

The origin of skald's poetry Part 4

Inferiority the creative self-consciousness is reflected in style scale, namely in an extremely characteristic desire expression of canning when the absolute immutability of his internal circuitry, enclosed in it the "image". With few exceptions, the scalds. Like folklore, they are accumulated stereotypical poetic schemes. By substituting synonyms they verbal expression of canning, but its contents, enclosed in it the "image" remains absolutely unchanged. Characteristic of folklore and fossil poetic expression turns out to have only partially.