Tips for writing good coursework


Coursework should include an introduction, main part and conclusion.

The introduction should:

  • show the relevance of the chosen topic and the degree of its scientific development
  • explain why you chose this topic
  • formulate research goals and objectives
  • list the main literary and information sources and methods of research.

It is important to remember that the wording of the research objective should coincide with the title of the topic of the work.

The main part of the coursework is a detailed presentation of the results obtained. Usually it includes 3-4 sections. These sections can be divided into the required number of subsections.

It is customary to devote the first section of the coursework to the general theoretical aspects of the chosen topic. It reveals the essence of the problem, shows its place in economic theory and practice, provides a critical review of existing approaches to its study.

In the second section, the practical side of the question is considered. The third section is devoted to formulating recommendations for solving the problem under study.

How to do a coursework plan?

When drawing up the plan for the main part of the coursework, the following rules should be followed:

  • Each section should include at least two subsections.
  • Each subsequent section should be logically linked to the previous one both in title and in content.
  • The content of this section should fully correspond to its name. You cannot allow the names of sections and sub-sections to coincide with each other and the topic of the coursework.
  • The names of sections and subsections should consist of one sentence.

Often enough, students cannot do the right plan of the coursework, so they turn to the custom coursework writing service for help.

The conclusion should summarize the main findings of the work. They should not contain anything new, which is not mentioned in the work. It is the most convenient to compose the conclusion from the ready-made conclusions, which you formulated, completing the relevant sections of the work. This approach is very useful to you when preparing your graduation or master's work.

The report should be limited to the introduction and conclusion. It should also be noted that, with the exception of your supervisor, none of the members of the Commission for the Coursework Defense will have time to read it completely. But they can very quickly read the introduction, conclusion and list of literature. Your final evaluation will largely depend from your experience. All this suggests that the texts of the introduction and conclusion must be of high quality.